Developing the Kingdom

To empower a nation is to empower its people.

We believe that fundamentally people are generous and that others want to change their current circumstances.
Most people just do not know how to outwork their generosity or their desire for change.
Kingdom Development Group is a vehicle to help people to fulfill their desire to be generous in a sustained effective way and at the same time help others to change their economic situations. KDG becomes the “middle man” between those two groups of people.

So, you can make a difference, a lasting difference in the lives of others by partnering with us.

Starting in Australia, reaching the world

Many organizations around the world exist to help people who live in developing nations. Many people are concerned about poverty and want to help people change the way they live. Most would extend direct help through finances, materials or visits to create hope for…


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We’re branching out into the nations

Currently, we have projects in Negros Occidental, Philippines, with a leadership team overseeing the expansion in Bacolod…

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Help join the cause, partner with us!

Your Donation will go a long way to help create sustained transformation. What you give it will get to give and give and give again as we lend to our partner projects. You may join one of our mission teams to visit the area. Contact us for details…

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