What We Do

A Legacy

Many organizations around the world exist to help people in need who live in developing nations. Many people are concerned about poverty and want to help change the way people live. Most would extend direct help through finances, materials or visits to help create hope for people who live in poverty. Whilst it is good that some people receive aid and support, there is a danger of creating a negative impact upon the existing economy. Giving and receiving can create a danger of dependency towards gifts and donations and does not necessarily change long term economic circumstances nor is it often sustainable.

For KDG, transformation of communities happens when people discover and  realize their own dreams. Helping people realize those dreams creates an environment of hope and can lead to community transformation.

People often have a desire to be successful, but may lack the skills, resources or understanding to fulfill their dreams. They may be able to understand good opportunities but, unless those ideas are formed and trained to work together they will not materialize those dreams.

KDG provides a set of basic training modules designed to change people’s mindsets and encouraging them to work together as a team to achieve their goals. Each group of people are trained to work in an organization to form locally sound businesses and employment opportunities. We also train them to help other people in their community to continue growing towards sustainable development.

What We Do

Small businesses

We partner with people in starting businesses that will profit to benefit not only them but their community. Businesses will be operated and managed by local people and will serve the needs of those in the community.

Micro-finance (Loan, lending)

Profit from local businesses will be used to partner with others to develop businesses to support their families and community transformation.


It is an expectation that locally owned businesses will grow and provide employment for other people .


Training Modules


We believe that the most effective way to development is when people desire to reach for their dreams. Everything is possible when people know in their heart what they want to reach.

Organizational Structure/Team Building

As a local group of people who will later on realize the dreams of people in their community, local groups are equipped with organizational and team building skills to ensure efficiency.



No success can be fulfilled without knowing where the organization as a whole is going. KDG trains partners on how to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals and how to keep on track.


Leadership/Management Training

The direction of an organization depends on how the leader functions. KDG does not impose a way of leading a group, instead we help others understand the types of leadership and develop which suits them best.


Business Principles

KDG equips local people with some basic business principles like project proposal drafts, profit projection analysis, basic accounting and some marketing strategies.