Project Kapiton Ramon

KDG develops projects together with it’s partners in the form of Micro Equity Projects. This means that investors partner with recipients to enable the project to be developed, expanded and maintained. Both parties share in the profit or the loss.

Our present projects are in the Philippines and mainly located in the province of Negros Occidental.

Kapiton Ramon

Gary and Gina were KDG’s first major project in this small sugar farming area called Kapiton Ramon. We have p[partnered with many agricultural project including sugar cane, rice, chickens, and pigs. in 2017 Gary graduated from an organic gardening course and is in the process of developing vegetable growing. We have begun to transition to organic feeds for the pigs. KDG assisted them in the purchase of land and the building of a piggery. To assist them with cash flow we began a pig project where the sow is owned by KDG and managed by Gary. He receives a monthly management fee to look after the pig. They also manage their own KDG funded pig project.

Gary and Gina standing outside the KDG provided piggery on land now owned by them. KDG purchased the land and gifted the piggery to them.

KDG pig and piglets.

The project has enabled Gary and Gina to commence building their own first house which has been financed entirely by the proceeds from the projects, below is a picture of the new house close to completion.

Gary and Gina’s nearly completed house.