Project Bacolod City

Bacolod City

Just out of the city of Bacolod, Negros on the way to Murcia is a project run by AnnaLiza. This is a pig raising project similar to the Kapiton Ramon project except it is the next stage of our Organic Pig Raising strategy. KDG built a new piggery utilizing new ideas in order to eliminate smell, work and create a better living environment for the pig. The concrete floor was replaced with a meter and a half of rice husk and sawdust mixture. This provides a very comfortable place to live as well as absorbing pig waste. The structure was made of concrete, stainless steel and steel to provide a robust structure. These pigs are being feed organic matter was well as some feeds. This provides for a healthier pig and a more contented animal.

AnnaLiza overseeing the KDG owned sow that she manages for KDG.

Notice the use of saw dust and rice husk flooring. This is very innovative in the Philippines but produces are more contented and healthier pig.