Kingdom Development Group (KDG) is a not for profit Australian company that exists to facilitate transformation of nations by empowering people and future generations through sustainable economic development. Watch video about KDG click here.

KDG believes that fundamentally people are generous and they want to change their current circumstances. Most people just do not know how to outwork their generosity or their desire for change. KDG is a vehicle to help people to fulfill their desire to be generous in a sustained effective way and at the same time help others to change their economic situations. KDG becomes the “connector” between those two groups of people – the investors and the partner.

KDG’s goal is sustained long term transformational economic development within communities.

KDG believes that change for a nation is attained by empowering the people and aims to do that by transforming the way people think by providing different opportunities, partnership, training and guidance.

Economic freedom can be attained by people who are poor when they become partners with others, assisted with finances and training resources. The key to long term transformation is to break the cycle of poverty. When people who have been dependent on others to survive and change become the ones giving support and opportunities to others then, transformation has begun. KDG trains people to awaken dreams in their hearts, to plan and set realistic goals, empowering them with micro loans, and training them to be leaders in building a local organization that will continue the legacy in their communities.

KDG acts as link between developed and developing nations by converting future funds usually allotted as donations to the poor, to an investment that will ensure economic sustainability and developmental legacy.

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