Organisational Structure

KDG is a not for profit company that exists to facilitate economic development within countries that are developing. KDG sees itself as a partner to each of the other local groups established. KDG will use it’s influence, contacts and network to facilitate the things required by its partners thereby helping them to obtain resources, teaching and accountability not presently available.

Local people will assist the work of KDG and they will be empowered to develop programs, projects and opportunities that will contribute and cause transformation in the economic conditions of their community.

The Development Fund will receive finances from a variety of sources and totally be used in provision of development loans and some gifts to local projects. This fund is administered and operated by KDG.

KDG intends to have a managed portfolio of investments in which the profit is being used to provide resources for economic development. This is part of our sustainability value.

KDG will also develop, operate and manage enterprises that are both socially impacting and commercial in order to provide further resources and employment within the communities that we are working in.

KDG is in the process of establishing related companies in other countries to facilitate the work of micro economic development and micro equity relationships.